Patentwerk is a reliable partner for European patent prosecution and litigation

Patentwerk is a boutique firm focussed on technology patents. We are experienced in prosecution, oppositions and appeals before the European Patent Office, as well as court proceedings in various European jurisdictions (especially the Netherlands and Germany) with a high success rate.

We stand for a pragmatic and personal approach. Our responsible patent attorneys and formalities officers have direct contact with our clients, which guarantees short lines of communication.

Founded in 1998, we are a relative young organisation with an up to date organisation structure and down to earth approach. Patentwerk has a proven and certified management system meeting ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 requirements

Our extensive local network makes it possible to select the best fitting of other IP
professionals on a case dependent basis.

Every year we attend various international meetings like INTA and APAA where we’d like to meet. We are always willing to develop reciprocity (when quality is guaranteed) due to an unbalance in outgoing and incoming work.

The Netherlands

Patentwerk is located in The Netherlands, closely to the European Patent Office in The Hague (Rijswijk), where 40% of all the workload handled by the EPO is conducted. We’re only a 1,5 hours flight away from Munich where the rest of the EPO cases is handled. Informal interviews and oral proceedings are held ‘just around the corner’.

The Netherlands are part of the European Union, and form an international transport hub with the Rotterdam Harbour and Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. The country is an international business place, hosting many internationals.

We have a well-developed IP community and high quality patent attorneys (as you can see in the European Qualification Examination results). Our professionals speak and read English, German and French.

The Dutch legal system is relative cheap, fast and of high quality. First instance infringement proceedings including debate on (in)validity e.g. will cost for a simple case typically 50 – 100 K€ all in, with a final decision in most cases within one year. Direct national (registration) patents in the Netherlands and Belgium can be filed all in for less than 2K€.

Patentwerk’s numbers

In more than 75% of the cases where we advised to oppose or defend a patent from one of our clients in an opposition, we achieved a positive result! More than 85% of European applications have been granted. In total, 254 applications were filed in 2019.

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