We strive for the best result with a personal touch, without losing sight of our professionalism

Bas Langenhuijsen, European and Dutch Patent Attorney, Partner

Intellectual property rights in good hands

How do you prevent an innovative idea from being copied or stolen by the competition? How do you decide what patent policy is most compatible with your company strategy?

Whether your invention relates to process technology or mechanical engineering, Patentwerk makes sure all aspects of patent preparation, procurement and litigation is well taken care of.

We can assist you in the following areas:

Our services

Filing a patent application Applying for a patent

From filing to advice. Everything from drafting and filing patent applications, the procurement of grants for those applications well as their maintenance to strategic advice on building an extensive patent portfolio.
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Patent search From attainability to market insight.

Whether it concerns a novelty search for an invention or the mapping of your competitor’s patent positions, we will research it for you and will keep you informed on any new developments.
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Enforcement and defence When a patent is the subject of conflict we will assist/stand by you.

Both in the enforcement of your own patent as in your defence when you’re suspected to infringe on a third-party-patent.
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Administrative support From the monitoring of terms and due dates to maintenance fees

For fellow patent attorneys that don’t have their own administrative department we administer their patent formalities.
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